Most Viewed Sermons

TItle Date Speaker Series Description
1 Real Dating - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the One"

2 The Autobiography of Fr. Lazarus St. Antony Fr. Lazarus St. Antony

 Fr. Lazarus St.

3 Spiritual Renewal Fr. Michael Sorial As the Coptic New Year was just a few days ago and with the changing of the seasons, this time of year is always a great time to reflect upon God's call for us to renew ourselves spiritually.
4 The Messenger Fr. Paul Girguis
5 Healing the Mind Series - Part 1 Dr. Mena Mirhom Healing the Mind Series

Understanding the mental health Crisis and what we can do about it. Tune in for part 1 of the series.

6 Salvation Of Mankind Fr. Elisha Rizk
7 Parenting Seminar - Part 1 Dr. Philip Mamalakis Parenting Series

 Parenting Seminar - Part 1 - Saturday April 28, 2018

By Philip Mamalakis, PhD



8 Praying for the Dead Fr. Vijay Thomas

Why do we pray for the departed? 

9 How Can I Know God's Will For My Life? Fr. Gabriel Wissa
10 The Liturgy: A Journey to Heaven - Part 1 - Raising of Incense (Part 1) Fr. Matthias Shehad The Liturgy: A Journey to Heaven
11 On the Road to Emmaus Fr. Anthony Messeh

A bible study on Luke 24:13-35.

12 The Second Coming Fr. Paul Girguis
13 The Life of St. Paul - Part 5 - The Travels of a Missionary Fr. Anthony Messeh Life of St. Paul Series

"The Travels of a Missionary"

14 The Two Sides of the Parrousia Fr. Mark Aziz
15 Coping With Loneliness Fr. Anthony Messeh

Each of us will feel a sense of lonliness in our lives. St. Paul, the great Apostle of the New Testament, even experienced a time of lonliness.

16 Glorious Works - Part 2 - God's Dream for Your Life Fr. Anthony Messeh Glorious Works Series

Gods dreams for your life

17 40 Days of Purpose - Part 5 Fr. Anthony Messeh 40 Days of Purpose Series

"Shaped to Serve God"

18 Early Church History - Part 1 Fr. Bishoy Andrawes Early Church History Series

 "The Church in the First Century"

19 Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series - Talk 2 Dr. Nabil Baky Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series

"Choosing a Spouse"

20 I Quit - Part 2 - Quit Complaining Fr. Anthony Messeh I Quit Series

"Quit Complaining"

21 The Holy Spirit His Grace Bishop David

This sermon describes the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples, and the importance of the coming of the Holy Spirit. .

22 Jonah His Grace Bishop Boules

Bishop Paul shares at Fr. Paul's House

23 Thirty Steps to Heaven - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Thirty Steps to Heaven Series

 Christ Centered

24 2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 11 (Good Friday- Sixth Hour) Fr. Anthony Messeh 2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC

 Personal meditation on the sixth hour of Good Friday.

25 Do Not be Deceived Fr. Mark Aziz