Most Viewed Sermons

TItle Date Speaker Series Description
1 Real Dating - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the One"

2 Church of One Accord Fr. Mark Aziz
3 20/20 Vision - Discover God's Vision for Your life Fr. Paul Girguis 20/20 Vision
4 The Autobiography of Fr. Lazarus St. Antony Fr. Lazarus St. Antony

 Fr. Lazarus St.

5 Is God a Moral Monster? Fr. Peter Dimyan

 A talk in the Upper Room describing the attributes of God. 

6 Real Dating - Part 3 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Becoming a Great Lead-her"

7 Real Dating - Part 4 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Rebel With a Cause"

8 Post-Resurrection Sayings - Part 5 - The Holy Spirit is a Gift for You Fr. Michael Sorial Post-Resurrection Sayings Jesus Christ appeared nearly a dozen times after His Resurrection from the dead.
9 Gift of the Spirit Fr. Paul Girguis
10 The Lord's Prayer - Part 3 - The Prayer of Surrender Fr. Anthony Messeh Lords Prayer Series

"The Prayer of Surrender"

11 The 12 Campaign - Part 2 Fr. Anthony Messeh 12 Campaign Series

"What Makes Any 12 into 'THE 12'?"

12 You Have Brought My First Fruits Up To Heaven Fr. Mark Aziz
13 The Love Challenge - Part 5 Fr. Bishoy Andrawes Love Challenge Series

 "Love Lets It Go"

14 Book of Ezra - Part 7 Fr. Paul Girguis Book of Ezra Series

"The Heart Set Upon God's Word"

15 2013 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Eve of Monday) Fr. Anthony Messeh 2013 St. Mark DC Holy Week
16 The Bible from a Birds Eye View [SEARCHING THE SCRIPTURES] Fr. Michael Sorial

The Bible can feel REALLY big, especially when you're unfamiliar with it.

17 The Example of the Martyrs Fr. Yacob Soliman
18 The Prodigal Son Deacon Raouf Ibrahim

A sermon given on March 7, 2004 on Luke 15:11-32.

19 Post-Resurrection Sayings - Part 4 - Go Fulfill Your Mission Today Fr. Michael Sorial Jesus Christ appeared nearly a dozen times after His Resurrection from the dead.
20 A New Covenant with the Lord His Grace Bishop Youssef

 Hebrews 8

21 Righteous Judgment His Grace Bishop Youssef
22 New Creation: Part 1 His Grace Bishop Boules

Talk 1 from Friday night.

23 St. Peter and St. Paul His Eminence Metropolitan Pachomious

 A sermon given on July 12, 2009 on the Feast of the Apostles

24 The Road Ahead Fr. Anthony Messeh
25 Delight Yourself in the Lord Fr. Pishoy Salama