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TItle Date Speaker Series Description
26 No Need For A Water Pot Fr. Youhanna Yanny

 Sermon on the Living Water

27 2012 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 7 (Eve of Thursday) Fr. Bishoy Andrawes 2012 St. Mark DC Holy Week

"Love and Betrayal"

28 Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series - Talk 3 Dr. Nabil Baky Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series

"Decision Making Lecture"

29 Real Dating - Part 4 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Rebel With a Cause"

30 Purpose of Christian Dating - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Purpose of Christian Dating Series

"Misconceptions of Marriage"

Given at the Young Adult Ministry meeting in Arlington, VA.

31 The Mindset of Christ During Lent Fr. Paul Girguis
32 Fountain of Water Inside the Samaritan Woman Fr. Abraham Fam A broken woman goes to draw water and leaves with a fountain of water springing up inside of her! Because she met Her Saviour. (John 4:14)
33 Rahab the Harlot: YOUR EXPERIENCE IMPACTS YOUR WITNESS Fr. Michael Sorial

 Join us as Fr.

34 Dating Done Right - Part 1 Fr. Michael Sorial Dating Done Right Series

8 Dating Truths: The Movies Never Happen

35 Prepare for the exam Fr. Yacob Soliman
36 The Living Word of God Fr. Anthony Messeh
37 Spiritually Short Sighted Fr. David Milad
38 Not Even a Hint - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Not Even a Hint Series

On Gods' standard for our purity and our confidence that He can take us there

39 2019 Holy Week 2: Profit from Labor Fr. Elisha Rizk 2019 St. Mark DC Holy Week
40 Things Jesus Never Said - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Things Jesus Never Said Series
41 Thanksgiving His Grace Bishop Moussa


42 No Big Deal - Part 6 - Bitterness Fr. Anthony Messeh No Big Deal Series
43 The Good Values of the Samaritan Woman His Grace Bishop Karas
44 40 Days of Purpose - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh 40 Days of Purpose Series

"What on Earth Am I Here for?"

45 The Paralytic Fr. Michael Sorial
46 Human Rights and Homosexuality His Grace Bishop Suriel

This sermon examines homosexuality from the human rights perspective, providing you with a modern understanding of the issue.

47 Burnout to Balance - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Burnout to Balance Series

"Slowing Down"

48 Character Study: Habakkuk - Part 1 Fr. David Milad Character Study Habakkuk Series

 Posted with the kind permission of Fr. David Milad. For more information, please visit

49 Challenges Facing Our Youth Today Dr. Yousry Armanios

Dr. Armanios discusses the seven big challenges that youth face today.

50 Humility Precedes Honor His Grace Bishop Youssef

 ~ True Greatness is Serving Others (Mark 10:35-45)