"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Podcast Feeds

If you want to have new sermons automatically delivered to your computer when they're added to orthodoxsermons.org, consider subscribing to one of our podcast feeds. Our four main feeds are listed below and are available in both RSS or iTunes formats. There are literally hundreds of specific podcast feeds on the site (too many to list here) categorizing content many differnet ways: from churches to speakers and keywords to categories. Look at the bottom right of every sermon to see the available audio and video feeds that it's a part of.

Our Main Feeds

The following feeds offer all of our audio and video content via rss or iTunes

Popular Feeds

What to see what's hot? The following feeds are our most popular in both audio and video format.

Wanna use your phone?

iPhone/iPod Android
  1. Download the free Apple "Podcast" app from the app store
  2. Navigate to www.orthodoxsermons.org from your device
  3. Click on the "iTunes Audio" or "iTunes Video" button.

When you click on the iTunes link, you should have the option to subscribe and download for later.

  1. Download your favorite podcasting app (we recommend BeyondPod) from the Google Play
  2. Click on any RSS feed you see on the site

It may ask you what app you want to open the feed with - select the program you downloaded in the first step