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TItle Date Speaker Series Description
26 Back to Basics - Part 3 - The Service His Grace Bishop Angaelos Back to Basics (SMSV)

The Service

27 40 Days of Purpose - Part 5 Fr. Anthony Messeh 40 Days of Purpose Series

"Shaped to Serve God"

28 The Pearl of the Psalms Fr. Paul Girguis

A meditation on Psalm 84 given at first service of OrthodoxDC.

29 #Friendshipgoals-Part 2- Faithful (Loyal) Friendship Fr. Paul Girguis #friendshipgoals
30 No Big Deal - Part 6 - Bitterness Fr. Anthony Messeh No Big Deal Series
31 The Road Ahead Fr. Anthony Messeh
32 Nehemiah: A Leader To Rebuild - Part 4 - Discouragement: Its Cause and Cure Fr. Bishoy Andrawes Nehemiah: A Leader to Rebuild Series

"Discouragement: Its Cause and Cure"

33 Offer Better Not More Fr. Anthony Messeh

A Sermon on Luke 5:27-39

34 Spiritual Maturity Fr. Bishoy Andrawes

To follow along with the spiritual journal click here.

35 The Art of Knocking Down Roofs! Fr. Bishoy Andrawes

A sermon given on June 21, 2009 on Luke 5:17-26.

36 Do not labor for the food which perishes Fr. Paul Girguis
37 Bible 101 Series for High School - Part 3 Mark Guirgis Bible 101 High School Series

"Breakdown of the New Testament"

38 Sincere Heart and Secret Service Fr. Tedros Tesfay
39 Purpose of Christian Dating - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Purpose of Christian Dating Series

"Misconceptions of Marriage"

Given at the Young Adult Ministry meeting in Arlington, VA.

40 Lent Road Map - Part 1 - Our Journey with Christ Fr. Bishoy Andrawes Lent Road Map Series
41 The Seven Churches - Part 4 - The Battle of Lust Fr. Paul Girguis The Seven Churches Series

"The Church of Thyatria"

42 Real Presence Fr. Mark Aziz
43 1 Timothy - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Discipleship of Timothy Series

The calling to service

44 Stewardship - Part 4 Fr. Anthony Messeh Stewardship Series

"Time Stewardship"

45 The Kind That Breaks - Part 4 - Carrying Out Kindness Fr. Anthony Messeh The Kind That Breaks Series
46 Peace on Earth His Grace Bishop Peter
47 Recorded Pascha Service: Day of Wednesday Fr. Paul Girguis 2015 St. Mark DC Holy Week
48 What can we learn from St. Mary? Fr. Guirguis Tadros
49 Be Bold Fr. Abraham Fam
50 Boundaries with the World Fr. Michael Sorial Fr. Michael Sorial spoke about the need to maintain healthy boundaries with the things of the world that can creep into our lives and enslave us.