Most Viewed Sermons

TItle Date Speaker Series Description
1 Giving with your Words Fr. Paul Girguis
2 Peace on Earth His Grace Bishop Peter
3 He Sees Us Fr. Vijay Thomas A sermon about what drives people away from the church... gossip, bullying, a lack of love, and a lack of awareness/compassion about others situations.
4 #Friendshipgoals-Part 1- Connection of the Mat Fr. Paul Girguis #friendshipgoals
5 Becoming Children of God Fr. Paul Girguis

A sermon given on the Feast of the Epiphany

6 A Lesson From Herod!!! Fr. Mark Aziz
7 What is God's Will for My Life? Fr. Anthony Messeh 5 Questions Series

Question 1 of 5 Questions Series

8 The Life of Joseph - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Life of Joseph Series


"Favored Son, Hated Brother"

9 Is the feast of the Nativity simply Christ’s birthday? Fr. Anthony Mourad
10 Life of Praise His Grace Bishop Moussa


11 In Our Hearts Fr. Vijay Thomas

Preparing for and offering our confession is an important aspect of healthy Christian living.  But often times we might be stuck trying to figure out where we need to grow in our spiritual life.

12 A New Vision for a New Year Fr. Anthony Messeh
13 Building Blocks: A Life of Prayer - Part 5 - Intercessory Prayer Fr. Anthony Messeh Building Blocks: A Life of Prayer Series
14 Fr. Abraham Fam, Jan. 12, 2020 | God Leads when devil deceives Fr. Abraham Fam Little children, let no one deceive you. 1 John 3:7 *God Leads when Devil deceives: The truth is we can’t be deceived if we are paying attention to His word.
15 Confessions of a Bible Power Couple - Part 1 - Jacob and Leah (and Rachel) Fr. Anthony Messeh Confessions of a Bible Power Couple Series
16 Real Dating - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the One"

17 Character Study: Abraham - Part 1 Fr. David Milad Character Study Abraham Series

 Posted with the kind permission of Fr. David Milad. For more information, please visit

18 True Repentance Fr. Anthony Messeh

A sermon given on January 19, 2006 on the Feast of Epiphany.

19 2005 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Eve of Monday) Dr. Mark Girguis 2005 St. Mark DC Holy Week


20 Foundations - Part 2 - The Spiritual Rule of Life Fr. Paul Girguis Foundations Series

The Spiritual Rule

21 1 Timothy - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Discipleship of Timothy Series

The calling to service

22 Psychological Maturity - Part 2 Fr. Bishoy Andrawes Psychological Maturity Series

"Deep Psychological Needs"

23 Feast of Epiphany Deacon Raouf Ibrahim

A sermon given on February 18, 2007 on Matthew 3:1-12

24 #Friendshipgoals-Part 2- Faithful (Loyal) Friendship Fr. Paul Girguis #friendshipgoals
25 He has the power Fr. Abraham Fam Only Christ has the power to free me from my sin and make me a living epistle. I must choose this power for my life! Mark 2:10