Most Viewed Sermons

TItle Date Speaker Series Description
1 You Have Brought My First Fruits Up To Heaven Fr. Mark Aziz
2 #Friendshipgoals-Part 1- Connection of the Mat Fr. Paul Girguis #friendshipgoals
3 Is the feast of the Nativity simply Christ’s birthday? Fr. Anthony Mourad
4 2019 Holy Week 2: Profit from Labor Fr. Elisha Rizk 2019 St. Mark DC Holy Week
5 Obedience: A Renewed Mind His Grace Bishop Angaelos

A sermon given by His Grace Bishop Angaelos on the topic of obedience. Everyone obeys something, whether media, music, or the Word of God.

6 Copts Got Talent! (Midwest Young Professionals Retreat) Dr. Mena Mirhom What are our talents? How do we discover them and use them to God's glory?
7 Witnesses of the Resurrection - Part 3 - Forgiveness and Blessing Fr. Paul Girguis Witnesses of the Resurrection
8 Follow the Voice Fr. Elisha Rizk
9 Preparation For Holy Week Fr. Paul Girguis 2019 St. Mark DC Holy Week
10 Rejecting the Word Fr. Abraham Fam

A sermon given on September 14, 2008 on Luke 7:28-35.

11 A Step Closer Michael Armanyous
12 Witnesses of the Resurrection - Part 2 - Forgive others just as Christ also forgave you Fr. Paul Girguis Witnesses of the Resurrection
13 The Healer is Coming Fr. Anthony Messeh

A sermon given on October 4, 2009 on Luke 7:36-50.

14 Nehemiah - Part 5 Fr. Anthony Messeh Nehemiah Series

 "How to Handle Opposition"

15 For With You Fr. Abraham Fam

 “For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9

This verse is what God wants us to see. We are blind until we realize that!

16 Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series - Talk 3 Dr. Nabil Baky Coptic Orthodox Marriage Series

"Decision Making Lecture"

17 Fellow workers with God - Part 2 (Ministry and Virtue) George Bishara Fellow Workers With God Series
18 Lenten Journey: The Bright Sadness Fr. Paul Girguis
19 On the Incarnation - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis On the Incarnation
20 He Sees Us Fr. Vijay Thomas A sermon about what drives people away from the church... gossip, bullying, a lack of love, and a lack of awareness/compassion about others situations.
21 2019 Holy Week 6 - When The Words Remain Eternal Fr. Mark Aziz 2019 St. Mark DC Holy Week
22 Purpose of Christian Dating - Part 1 Fr. Paul Girguis Purpose of Christian Dating Series

"Misconceptions of Marriage"

Given at the Young Adult Ministry meeting in Arlington, VA.

23 Headed in the Same Direction George Bishara
24 Irrational Love - Part 1 - Love Pays Attention Fr. Paul Girguis Irrational Love Series
25 Real Dating - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the One"